Primary Characters (From Left to Right Above):

Sol Star - Businessman/Co-Owner of Starr and Bullock Hardware, Bank Officer (Season 3)

E.B. Farnum - Innkeeper of The Grand Central Hotel; Mayor (Eustice Bailey)

Cy Tolliver - Owner/Proprieter of the Bella Union

A.W. Merrick - Newspaper Editor (The Deadwood Pioneer)

Al Swearengen - Businessman/Owner of the Gem Saloon

Dan Dority - Bartender, Business associate with Al Swearengen

Tom Nutall - Owner/Proprieter of the Number 10

Doc Cochrane - Town Doctor

Reverend Smith - Ordained Clergy Person

Johnnie Burns - Bartender, Business associate with Al Swearengen

(Not Pictured)Seth Bullock - Sheriff/ Co-Owner of Star & Bullock Hardware

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